Perry, Perry is a very energetic boy who is doing major in psychology..His biggest dream was to become world’s most famous criminal psychologist..He use to work very hard for his student loans and his expenses..he is an independent citizen. Today is his graduation day..After this he will get his job as criminal psychologist in crime branch. He was very happy.

After 3 days..
Perry in the interview hall.

Interviewer: So Mr.Perry why do youthink this job is perfect for you .

Perry: Because I love this profession

Interviewer: Love? Ok prove it!😂

Perry: I have been failed 4 times but also I didn’t gave up. For others it takes 3years for their graduation where as it took 7years for me..But also..I didn’t gave up.

Interviewer: What seriously? You mean it took 4 years extra to you to complete your graduation?

Perry: Yeah sir..you are right😅 But I worked really very hard and passed my graduation this year..N I am 5th in my whole class😉

Interviewer: Well it’s ok. U failed 4 times but also you didn’t gave up..And now you are 5th in your class..It’s very nice achievement.. I like your determination..So Mr.Perry you are selected! Keep working hard.

Perry : Thankyou so much sir..Its like a dream for me..I cant believe that now I got job as Criminal Psychologist. Thankyou so much sir. My friend used to say that I will never get job with these rank but I did it wow..Thank you sir.

Interviewer: Welcome. But why your friends said that you can’t get job by these ranks..You may be 4years late but you are 5th in you class it’s a great achievement.

Perry: Yes Sir..I will work very hard!

Interviewer: Well Perry how many students where there in your class?

Perry: 5 students why sir?


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